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rian Borosky believes in the power of language. What would the world be without words? What kinds of worlds can words help us imagine? His love of reading and writing led him to study English and Creative Writing at Muhlenberg College, where he then served as Assistant Director of the College’s writing center and helped administer the first-year writing program. He went on to earn a Masters in English from Villanova University, taking a wide array of courses but focusing on 20th-century American poetry. Brian believes that each student has an individual relationship with their own words, a relationship that grows and evolves. The poet George Oppen heard the voice of wisdom in a child who told him, “We’re having the life of our times.” Like Oppen, Brian believes words shape how we understand our world, our neighbor, our times. Brian’s hope is that each subject of study, and each class meeting, nourishes students’ curiosity and builds their sense of community.
Brian grew up in Bethlehem, PA where he happily learned the city’s roadways by running and biking. Now he does the same in his new hometown of Philadelphia.