Ms. Jennifer Nobles – Principal -

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Ms. Jennifer Nobles – Principal



Jennifer Nobles has spent over ten years working in Catholic education as both a teacher and administrator. As a teacher, she led English classrooms at untracked, honors, and Advanced Placement levels, differentiating instruction for the needs of her students in both reading and writing. Her leadership in the English department resulted in the creation of a Writing Across the Curriculum program and school-wide writing rubrics. She also worked to update and diversify the reading list for various grade levels to reflect better the global society of today’s world. As an administrator, she redesigned the school schedule to allow for better use of instructional time and increased teacher collaborative time. She also focused on improving the school community through the development of clubs, summer enrichment camps, summer service trips, and opportunities for alumnae engagement.

Jennifer believes that the best classrooms are ones in which students and encouraged to be critical, curious, and creative. She sees SMT as a school that values the whole child, where a student’s personal development is just as important as his or her academic success. She is also proud of the way that the diversity of SMT strengthens the community.

Jennifer earned her Instructional II teaching certificate in English 7-12. She also has a Masters in English Literature and is currently pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts with a concentration in Diversity and Inclusivity from University of Pennsylvania.